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May 31, 2016

I absolutely adore using gel pens in my colorings. The ink is so pronounced and powerful and gel pens are just enjoyable to play with.

However Before I learned how to use pens well, I would become annoyed with some of the difficulties involved with using them such as overlapping lines and the final outcome not looking as I wanted. But after plenty of experience and trial and error, I'm now happy to say that my coloring comes out just like I want it to :)

I thought it would be nice to share some of the things I picked up throughout the years.

How to keep from having overlaying streaks

It's worth shelling out some dollars for higher grade gel pens to keep from having overlaying streaks. This is double true if you plan to color big surfaces. Yes they cost more but when you look at the finished result, you will be happy you did.

The problem with a few of the cheap ones is that the tend not to color as smooth which makes it harder  for you to achieve consistent results.


Coloring within boundaries

Coloring takes focus and making sure to keep within the designs might be trying sometimes. But if you're looking for a sleek finish, accuracy is key.

Try to color with pens that don't bleed or If your pens do bleed sometimes, plan for the bleed and leave a small space before the edge.


Paper grade

When using adult coloring books there's nothing you can do about the grade of the paper, so hopefully it's good...

But if you're printing your own madalas zentangles or other coloring designs, try to use the thickest paper you can. They are easier to color on and won't bleed through


It seems that blending is  becoming one of the more popular things in the world of adult coloring. Doing it can add volume to your work.

You can create shades and shadows by coloring in a tone or 2 darker and by coloring in a tone or 2 lighter you can portray light.

After your work is done you might feel like adding some white detail. Utilizing a white gel pen is the perfect tool. It will enhance the design and give it size and a 3D feel 


Have fun

Certainly the most meaningful thing in our opinion! Make sure your coloring is making you hapy and allows you to express yourself freely and fully 

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