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Grayscale is one of those things that have been talked about a lot lately, yet many of us are still not exactly sure what it really is. I know that's how I personal felt about grayscale until just recently and to make things more difficult, there wasn't too much information online about it either.

Well, as it turns out, grayscale coloring is super fun! Once I got into it I got addicted! So I've decided to share a little about it in this blog post:


What is grayscale coloring?

In the world of adult coloring books, regular coloring pages are simply black and white images i which you need to color in the white parts but grayscale coloring pages are not black and white, they are black, white and many different shades of gray. In grayscale coloring pages you'd color over the white and the gray parts.


Why would I want to color on the gray?

Coloring on a grayscale image will create the effect of color shading even though you never did any shading what so ever. In some grayscale coloring pages you could color using a single color on a whole section of the page and the different gray shades of the original image will create different variations of color creating a sense of dimension that's not easy to get on regular black and white coloring pages


If you're interested in learning more about grayscale coloring or if you want to give it a go, look for Nikki Burnette. She has both a ton of great information and tips on how to color over grayscale plus she makes some of the most beautiful grayscale adult coloring books around, focusing on fantasy fairy coloring books and many other beautiful coloring books for adults


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June 01, 2022

You wrote this blog very well. Very knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this

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Elbert Senter
Elbert Senter

October 05, 2021

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