7 Marker Art Pieces to Wow and Inspire - Art-n-Fly

  1. This piece by @pypahsart contrasts black and several pops of red and green with highlights from a white gel pen!

Picture of girl with red and black markers 


  1. @chiizu creates several styles of eyes using vibrant marker tones

Eyes made with markers


  1. This incredible portrait by @pedrolopesart features the most stunning background using green and blue markers incorporating colored pencils.

Shirtless man


  1. @nikedemaart created this incredible Selena Gomez portrait with a striking blue jacket combining two shades of blue:

Selena Gomez in blue

  1. Check out the contrast of the red and green in combination with skin tones by @chamandahy!

Girl with red hair and green jacket


  1. Wonder-inspiring Wonderwoman fan art by @melmadedooks using a combination of reds, blues, and skin tones as well as colored pencil:

Wonderwoman fan art

  1. These incredible lips by @daviddias_arts use black, reds, gray, and colored pencil, with highlights from a white gel pen (you can see the tutorial here)

 Red lips drawing

and a bonus from @eliapelle, because how can we choose only 7?! Check out the red and orange together!

Apple crystal hybrid image

 You can check out the full range of Art-n-Fly Markers pictured here 

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