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November 25, 2018

We are always looking for new tricks and uses of our Art-N-Fly product to share with you. 

This blog post will explain how to get an abstract, splatter, special effect with our Art-N-fly alcohol based markers. 

1) Start by readying the chisel tipped point of our marker. This can be done with running the marker on a separate piece of paper to make sure the marker is flowing and fresh. The stronger pigment, the more prepared the marker is. 

2) Hold the marker at a slight angle, about an inch above your intended sketchbook or canvas. Then position your face about 2 inches above the open marker. 

3) Begin to quickly blow out on the marker, as you would a birthday candle. The more you build up steam, the closer you should quickly get to the marker. 

4) Whip the marker away from your face, keeping the angle and distance from the page or canvas. 

5) Repeat this method another 2 or 3 times, in quick succession, and the marker will splatter onto the paper below. 

This method is great for abstract pieces and can be used for loose blending if you are fast in dabbing the fresh, layered splatter. Additionally, it can be used to cover up blurred lines if your coloring line crosses over an outline. 


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