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November 16, 2018

  Every once in awhile an artist will strike a cord with a piece. The implications of what happens from there varies for each artist.

  For some, from there they trend for a little while, gaining clout before fading to dark. For others--the fortunate few, they continue to add to their brand, building on that success. 

  In the case for Murrz (@_Murrz). Her rendering of Winnie The Pooh blended with the Coogi Sweater, (an ode to Notorious B.I.G) helped net a devoted following and appreciation for how she incorporations  icons into her work. 

  Since then, Murrz has only benefited from the publicity, using the garnered attention to build long-lasting friendships and a loyal fan-base. Her eclectic group of fans turn out to every pop-up show of hers; all hoping to see what she might think of next. While her friends range from internationally acclaimed artists to fans that she bonded with at a show. 

  Here is what she had to say about how it all transpired with Biggie The Pooh: 

  "Biggie is one of my favorite hip-hop artists and Winnie The Pooh is one of my favorite childhood characters. I first worked on this piece in 2016 during my first Art Basil in Miami. Someone bought that sketch within minutes and I received a lot of positive feedback from it. While I continue to work on it; I have found new ways to simplify the design of the sweater and improve on the sketch."


 You can check out more of her work with fine line pens, markers and watercolor on her Instagram. 

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