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December 20, 2018

As you may have noticed, on our social media we recently unveiled the new look on our 48 colored set of oil based colored pencils. The video and photo content received some amazing feedback!

Those of who do not use colored pencils, might be wondering; what's all the commotion? 

So, we put together some quick facts about colored pencils, pointing out what makes them unique. 


For starters, most Oil-based colored pencils use a base of vegetable oil to bind and hold the pencil together. The binding, or wood, surrounds the pigment and led that one actually colors with. Many oil-based pencils still use wax within the core--leading to less breakage. This shelf-life lends itself to oil-based colored pencils lasting longer than almost any other medium. 

The amazing shelf-life on these colored pencils means that when you sharpen or press down; it does not create much of a mess. Making the creative process more free-flowing and focused for the artist. 

If you cut down a standard tree, it could produce up to 300,000 colored pencil barrels! If you divide that; it comes out to an average of 8,000 standard colored pencil sets. 


The record for the largest colored pencil drawing beelongs to New Jersey resident, Jainthan Francis. Jainthan completed a 500 yard long drawing in 2009. 

Colored pencils are generally considered to have the longest shelf-life of nearly all artist mediums.  There are reports of colored pencils being found that are nearly a hundred years old and still work perfectly fine.


We hope this blog post was helpful for you to understand the craze. Keep an eye out for the next few weeks as we are planning some really cool studio visits with our colored pencils! 


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