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October 09, 2017

So you have your amazing, brand new, alcohol-based markers! Congratulations! You find yourself drawing and coloring everything! Your portraits are vibrant, your landscapes beautifully rendered, and coloring books don’t stand a chance! But, sadly, your markers have ink all over them, are starting to dry and look like a hot mess. 

No worries, I’ll show you how to clean and maintain your markers so they stay pretty and last long.


Step 1 - Cleaning:


The supplies you will need are rubbing alcohol (I tend to like the higher 91% because it dries quicker but lower is fine too), a couple of sheets of paper towels, some q-tips, a clean eyedropper (you can get these at the pharmacy) and some paper (I like to use marker paper but you can use almost any paper besides textured and watercolor paper)


 Marker cleaning tutorial


Open up your markers and inspect the lids and marker tips. Your favorite colors tend to look more used, you will want to take give those markers special attention.

how to clean markers


Dip a q-tip into the rubbing alcohol and rub it inside the dirty marker lid. Once you wet enough of the inside with the q-tip, you will want to roll up a paper towel to squeeze in. The reason I don’t just go in straight with the paper towel is because you waste a lot of rubbing alcohol on trying to reach all the inside. I learned this from trial and error, and found that if I saturate the inside with a q-tip it’s easier to wipe out.

marker cleaning tips


Now that the cap is clean, take a look at the barrel of the marker. If there is any ink there, soak some rubbing alcohol into a paper towel and rub the dirty area until it's clean

marker cleaning steps


Use another dry paper towel to go over the wet parts and you're done with the cleaning part

marker cleaning tips


Step 2 - Maintenance:

Now that your markers are all clean, here are some maintenance tips to help maintain them well:


Make sure your caps are closed all the way. Seem obvious but everyone makes this mistake and will dry up the marker

marker cap closed all the way


Another tip is to make sure your markers lay flat. If you keep them standing up, all the ink will flow to one end leaking into the lid or drying the nib on the other end.

proper marker storage

Enjoy your markers and make sure to tag Art-n-Fly with your art work to share your work with the world.





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