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Alcohol ink refill for sketch markers - DISCONTINUED colors

  • One bottle of Art-n-Fly Ink refills our sketch markers about 13 times.
  • Easy to use - Either drip the ink directly onto the nib  or use tweezers to remove the nib, and drip the ink into the marker's barrel.
  • Our Ink is alcohol based and permanent. It’s non-toxic, photocopy-safe, dries acid-free, and cleans up with rubbing alcohol.
  • 25 cc (0.85 fl oz).

Some of the colors in this list have changed shade. Please find description of "old" version shades below (if "no noticeable difference", you could purchase from our "current shades" dropdown for the same ink color)

BR-109: From 24 Brush Set, darker orangey-yellow shade compared to current

GY-223: Brown (not green), more muted, from Earth Tones

GY-224: Brown (not green), from Earth Tones

Y-169: Very slightly lighter yellow, from Earth Tones

WG-7: Darker, less red brown-gray from Earth Tones

WG-4: Lighter gray, from Earth Tones

P-145: Darker, pinker purple from Purples

P-83: Redder purple from Purples

PB-70: very slightly lighter, from Blues

GY-166: no noticeable difference, from Earth Tones

B-215: no noticeable difference, from Blues

PB-73: no noticeable difference, from Purples

B-144: very slightly darker, from Blues

B-218: no noticeable difference, from Purples

B-85: no noticeable difference, from Purples