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48 Brush Nib Markers - Dual Tip Sketch Markers with Blender Marker

  • SPENDING TOO MUCH ON ART SUPPLIES?: The ink is refillable (15 times per bottle!) and the nibs are replaceable, so this set can be yours for life!
  • CUT YOUR PENCIL PROJECT TIME IN HALF: a great shortcut for colored pencil drawings is to start with a base layer of alcohol marker. Your work will POP and look like it took a lot longer than it really did (we won't tell!)
  • THE REAL DEAL: Yes, those are real Japanese brush nibs and alcohol ink! Every detail is meticulously constructed- they're almost too pretty to use.
  • MAKE YOUR ART UNFORGETTABLE: Want to create head-turning work? Our gorgeous 48 colors have just the right mix of vibrant tones, muted shades, skin colors, and more, so you can stun gallery visitors, 
  • TWO-IN-ONE MARKERS: Brush markers on one side and a broad chisel tip on the other. It's like you're getting two markers for each one!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: this set contains 4 duplicates with the cool gray 12 pack. The CG0.5, CG2, CG6 and CG9 are in both but we place to replace them in the next production batch of this set.

Our chisel and bullet nibs are made from molded fibers and the brush nibs are made from two specially joined pieces of felt.