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48 Refillable Brush Alcohol Marker BOOSTER set

"I do also own over 200 markers from the overpriced brand that most everyone likes to compare all markers against. But let me tell you, I much more prefer Art-n-Fly markers because of the way in which they blend and their overall look on paper. I cannot exactly explain what it is, but there is something about the ease of blending with these markers that puts them at the top of my go to list."
-Amazon reviewer
    • Our BOOSTER SET is a carefully curated set of 48 new colors to perfectly complement our customer-favorite 48 set, skin tones, cool grays and pastels! It has all the shades we get asked to add to our collection the most: a variety of reds, greens, more blues, purples and just a sprinkling of other shades to round out the set so it holds its own.
    • SPENDING TOO MUCH ON ART SUPPLIES?: The ink is refillable (15 times per bottle!) and the nibs are replaceable, so this set can be yours for life! Great Copic marker alternative.
    • CUT YOUR PENCIL PROJECT TIME IN HALF: a great shortcut for colored pencil drawings is to start with a base layer of alcohol marker. Your work will POP and look like it took a lot longer than it really did (we won't tell!)
    • THE REAL DEAL: Yes, those are real Japanese brush tips and alcohol ink! Every detail is meticulously constructed- they're almost too pretty to use. Brush markers on one side and a broad chisel tip on the other.
    • MAKE YOUR ART UNFORGETTABLE: Want to create head-turning work? Our gorgeous 48 BOOSTER SET has all the colors customers have been asking us to add to our collection! Round out your Art-n-Fly marker supply with beautiful shades of red, green, blue, purple and more!

    PLEASE NOTE: this set contains duplicates with our now-discontinued purples, blues, and earth tone sets. It also contains one duplicate (GY166) with the pastel set. The pastel set will be updated in 2021 but this set will remain the same.