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Art-n-Fly Hex Chart 2019

Want to see the visual relationship between colors so you can choose a marker in an instant?

  • Discover unexpected color combinations
  • Save time choosing colors
  • Decide easily if there are gaps in your collection
  • Improve your blending

PDF instant download includes a colored chart as well as a blank chart for you to fill in with your own markers!

Note: for previous versions of our 48 marker set, the following colors should be substituted (left is former color name, right is where it is on chart):

Colors Pre-2019 (left column) -------> Colors 2019+ (right column)


38Y ------------------------------->45Y

33YR ------------------------------>233Y

163GY ---------------------------->231Y

46G ------------------------------->47GY

183PB ---------------------------->216B

138RP ---------------------------->198RP

101BR ---------------------------->95BR

102BR ---------------------------->242R

211GG ---------------------------->210GG

143B ------------------------------>179BG

173GY ---------------------------->226GY