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Art-n-Fly Hex Chart 2021 - RGB Version

Want to see the visual relationship between colors so you can choose a marker in an instant?

  • Discover unexpected color combinations
  • Save time choosing colors
  • Decide easily if there are gaps in your collection
  • Improve your blending

PDF instant download includes a colored chart as well as a blank chart for you to fill in with your own markers!

Please note: RGB format (this one) has more accurate colors, but they may be distorted when printing. CMYK format is better for printing, but  the colors aren't as true! (We recommend downloading one of each!)

Sets included in this chart: 

We have discontinued (or are in the process of discontinuing) our 6-pack sets (skin tones, cool grays, blues, purples, and earth tones) as well as our 24-pack brush markers, and all of our classic tip markers. This hex chart DOES contain 5 colors from these sets that will soon be discontinued, and will be updated once they're sold out.

Please see Hex Chart 2019 and Hex Chart 2020 for previous editions of our sets.