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72 Ultimate Watercolor Set

It's been said that "watercolor is a medium that responds on paper to your emotional response to your subject". You must be immediate and decisive when painting with watercolor, and accept the beauty that comes along with any "accidents". No other medium is quite like watercolor. 

A good watercolor set has a lot of pigment, but still maintains the beautiful transparency that is the signature of watercolor. It allows you to build layer upon layer until the work has a life of its own.

We call this set the "ultimate" for good reason. You need nothing else besides paper and water to create a masterpiece. It contains metallics, skin tones, earth tones, and every color of the rainbow. It includes two free water brushes and sponges as well as color guide, and comes in the most beautiful gift tin (you've got to see it in person to really appreciate how stunning it is).

The watercolor cakes are highly pigmented and vibrant and melt easily into the water. Don't blame us when you find yourself lost in your art for hours!

Safe, non-toxic watercolor paint set for children and pets.