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15 Set Colored Dual-Tip Calligraphy Pens

  • SET OF 15: Fifteen colored Japanese nib brush markers per set to give character and depth to your ideas. Create transitions in the same word or pops of color to highlight a word!
  • RELAX, PRACTICE MINDFULNESS, OR CREATE A BEAUTIFUL GIFT: Escape the digital world and create a classic, beautiful handwritten piece in any color you can imagine. A few strokes and you'll be an addict!
  • CREATE GORGEOUS HAND LETTERING: The perfect calligraphy companion makes it easy to write beautifully. Smooth ink flow from 15 dual tip brush pens with a large end that feels like a traditional brush and a small firmer end for corrections (or clean upstrokes) so you can create just about any lettering or drawing technique you wish!
  • FINE BRUSH and STANDARD BRUSH (like 2 brushes in one!): Make fine or bold down strokes, choose a more flexible or firmer professional quality tip! Great pen for beginners and more experienced calligraphers alike, gives consistent strokes.
  • VIBRANT COLORFUL MARKERS. Solid wet ink flow with vivid juicy color for calligraphy lettering outlining and drawing. Plenty of WATER BASED non toxic ink traditionally produced in Germany!

Check out this tutorial for a fun way to use them!