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48 Refillable Brush Alcohol Marker BOOSTER set

  • Our BOOSTER SET is a carefully curated set of 48 new colors to perfectly complement our customer-favorite 48 set, skin tones, cool grays and pastels! It has all the shades we get asked to add to our collection the most: a variety of reds, greens, more blues, purples and just a sprinkling of other shades to round out the set so it holds its own.
  • SPENDING TOO MUCH ON ART SUPPLIES?: The ink is refillable (15 times per bottle!) and the nibs are replaceable, so this set can be yours for life! Great Copic marker alternative.
  • CUT YOUR PENCIL PROJECT TIME IN HALF: a great shortcut for colored pencil drawings is to start with a base layer of alcohol marker. Your work will POP and look like it took a lot longer than it really did (we won't tell!)
  • THE REAL DEAL: Yes, those are real Japanese brush tips and alcohol ink! Every detail is meticulously constructed- they're almost too pretty to use. Brush markers on one side and a broad chisel tip on the other.
  • MAKE YOUR ART UNFORGETTABLE: Want to create head-turning work? Our gorgeous 48 BOOSTER SET has all the colors customers have been asking us to add to our collection! Round out your Art-n-Fly marker supply with beautiful shades of red, green, blue, purple and more!