Holiday 2019 Gift Guide - Art-n-Fly

It's colder than those bananas you forgot about in the freezer. Did you leave your holiday gift-buying to the last minute? We see you. We are you. We've got you.

Scroll on for some recommendations anda few freebiesto go with them! 

For the One Who Needs to Chill

Your mom, your BFF, or the teacher who is one sassy comment away from retiring. They need some zen in their the one who gets them started on watercoloring. Our 40-and 72-watercolor sets come with free water brush pens so it's 2 gifts in one (we carry paper, too!).

For the One with the Ideas

Our pigment pens can write on ANYTHING- bibles, napkins, hands, mirrors. It's a bold statement but it's the truth. Less than $11 and you've given them their new favorite set of pens. If they've been really good this year (and like color), we've got 'em in a 12-color-pack now!

For the Fancy Writer

Your sister who's always doodling cute letters deserves better materials. Get her a 2-pack or 3-pack of black Japanese-brush calligraphy pens or go all in and get our new 15-color set. Pair it with this free hand lettering guide (or download it yourself and make a handmade gift!). Code: EBOOK4FREE

For the One Who's Been REALLY Good This Year

This set is extremely popular around the holiday season and for good reason. They're serious markers for serious artists. If you want to go big for the person with visions of perfect blending dancing in their head, this is the set.

A DIY Gift

Broke college student? Don't worry, dear old Dad loves the DIY gifts the best. Check out this tutorial on how to make your own watercolor bookmarks and he'll think of you when he reads that magazine about the car he could've bought with your tuition money.

One More Freebie

We're working hard to get our ultra-popular colored pencils back in stock (just a few days guys, we promise) but in the mean time, here's our free coloring book that's perfect to print and give to the coloring lover in your life!

For the Artist with Everything

They've got everything. How are they supposed to store it or carry it around?! With this bag, of's got slots for 120 markers or pens, and a zippered pouch at the back. The marker slots are removable! 


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