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About us

Pay for top-tier tools...not the marketing team's annual vacation

*Psst* hey you- want to know a secret? When you pay for some of the BIG name art supplies (you know the ones...yes, like that one!) you're also paying for their ad budget, their storefront, their marketing team and the pleasure of having their name on the package.

We create the best tools possible and sell them directly to consumers so you're not paying for a big advertising budget or any other unnecessary costs with your art supplies- just high-end tools created by and for real artists. We have no storefront and we rely on word-of-mouth from our customers to get our name out!

We believe the best art supplies (brush nib markers, highly-pigmented watercolor, oil-based colored pencils, fineliner pens and more) should be accessible to everyone- not just the people with deep pockets!