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Many artists are paintbrush loyalists...until they try out a water brush pen. Our 40 and 72-watercolor sets contain free water brush pens and we've been told many times we've created addicts by including them!

Let's start with the why: mainly, because they're so much easier and eliminate wasted time and mess! You can take them with you if you want to paint outdoors in the park. You can simply squeeze a little water out when you need to clean them. Your brush is never dry! 

How to use:

1. Unscrew the top and fill the chamber with water.

2. Squeeze a few drops of water onto the dry colors you plan to use to "wake them up".

3. Don't squeeze while you paint- the chamber will naturally release enough water to maintain moisture as you go.

4. When changing colors, squeeze the button that says "Push" and wipe on a paper towel (or the sponges we include in our 40- and 72-color sets).

5. When you're finished, simply wipe off excess paint, squeeze some water, and wipe some more until you no longer see any color coming off the brush.

6. Smooth the bristles before storing to keep the brushes in good condition.

Now that we've covered the technique, enjoy these two videos which demonstrate how they're used to create a simple metallic drawing and a beautiful fox!


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Elizabeth J Kuntz
Elizabeth J Kuntz

March 28, 2021

Thanks. I like the water pens but find them tricky.


July 07, 2020


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