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 how to draw hair


Do you love drawing hair? Me too but drawing hair can be tedious. There are a lot of details you need to pay attention to and it can be a bit intimidating.

Since hair is the main part of my drawings, I want to share my way of drawing hair to help you.


Art Supplies I used for this tutorial:

  1. Regular metallic pencil
  2. Art-n-Fly colored pencils: 040 light blue
  3. Art-n-Fly Brush Markers:
    • 203 WG
    • 10BR
    • 237BR
    • 96 BR
    • 36Y
  4. Art-n-Fly Brush Pen: black
  5. Art-n-Fly White gel pen


Before we jump into the tutorial, keep in mind that hair is not one color, it contains many different shades. If you look closely at your hair, you will find it's not a single tone.

In general, there is the primary color, highlight color and shadow color. So basically, you should choose at least three different shades of markers (mid tones, highlights, shadows).

For this tutorial, I chose five Art-n-Fly Brush Markers. When you are coloring the hair, you always have to pay attention to these parts. Let's begin the coloring tutorial.


1. Sketch.


  • Regular metallic pencil
  • Art-n-Fly colored pencils: 040 light blue.

Draw the basic structure of the hair. Since we are drawing long curly hair, if you want to draw it with the flow, you can imagine the waterfalls and keep your strokes loose. After sketching, I like drawing the boundary lines with colored pencils. You can choose any color you prefer. I prefer the light color personally.

Drawing hair with markers. Hair drawing tutorial



  1. Sort the markers from light to dark.
    • 203 WG
    • 100 BR
    • 237BR
    • 96BR
    • 36Y
  1. Add the basic color to the first layer.

     Tool:Art-n-Fly Brush Marker, 203 WG

For the first layer, we use 203 WG to add the basic color of the hair. Don't leave white areas uncolored. Lift the marker lightly and keep your strokes in the same direction.

drawing hair with markers and pencils


  1. Color the second layer.

     Tool: Art-n-Fly Brush Marker, BR 100

In the second layer, we begin to add the shadow to the hair. In step 1, we have already drawn the boundary lines of the hair. It makes the hair look like it consists of small spindle areas. In this step, we are coloring area by area. We use BR 100 to add short strokes on both sides of each area. You can leave a bit of white area in the center of the hair to create the highlight.

how to color hair. Hair coloring tutorial


  1. Color layers three, four and five.

     Tools:Art-n-Fly Brush Markers, 237BR, 96BR, 36Y

Follow the step 4, we use 237BR, 96BR, 36Y to color layers three, four and five. For each layer, your strokes should be shorter than the last layer. This will help you create beautiful highlights. Keep doing this until you achieve the results you want.

hair drawing and coloring tutorial

    6. Inking.

   Tools: Art-n-Fly Brush Pen black

We use the black brush pen to ink the boundary lines first. Then, follow the Step 4, we use the brush pen to add short ink strokes area by area. Keep your ink strokes confident and clean.

drawing hair with inking markers

      7. Highlighting.

     Tool:Art-n-Fly White gel pen

After finishing the inking part, if you want the hair to looks glossy, you can use the white gel pen to add highlights. It can make the drawing more vibrant and also helps to create more contrast and beauty in your art.


That's it. I hope you liked it and learned something new. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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July 17, 2019

I think that this is kimda difficult because im a beginner and i dont have the stuff that you need. But i kinda have the same markers because i ordered ohua markers and i think that would work because i need something easy to do. I can draw other stuff like kawaii unicorns and stuff like that but im just asking you if you could pleade please please do something easier


August 07, 2017

Love it, super helpful thank you so much!!!

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