Lettering with Art-n-Fly markers

One of the great uses of our markers, is their ability for seamless lettering. While many love lettering and find it inspiring; it can be hard to know where to get started. 

This blog post will explain some bare essentials and tips for you to get started with creative lettering with your Art-n-Fly supplies. 


1. Dual-tip, alcohol markers. (The dual-tip provides you with a chisel tip, while the alcohol markers provide the best medium for practice). 

2. A fine-line pen. This will enable to add little trinkets and doodles around the letter precisely and quickly. 

3. A sketchpad (we recommend graph paper for measuring the symmetry on your letter), but you will also want our marker paper for when you are ready to make a piece. 

From here, it would be optional to use watercolor for details and our black brush pens for calligraphy. 


1. Focus on symmetry in your letters, regardless of font. Symmetry will ensure that your lettering is legible and understood to the naked eye. 

2. Use the chisel tip of the marker to add stands to your letter. To make a stand, simply point the chisel out at the end of the line and lift the marker. 

3. Keep it simple. The more you practice, the more you will see room for adding squiggles, designs or where to continue a line. 

4. Give a bit of space to each letter. As tempting as it is to overlap your letters, focus instead on the basics and trust the color to stand out as an artistic value, when just beginning lettering. 

5. Go back with that Art-n-Fly fine-line pen and add finishing touches or smaller font letter. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more lettering tips later this week. 



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