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Ultra-Fine 003 Fineliner Black Inking Pens

Want to know more about fineliner pens and what they can do for your work that other pens can't? Check this article out for the full 411. 
  • EXTRA FINE JAPANESE TIPS: Ultra Fine Tip 003 (0.15mm - thinnest line possible) so you can create the finest details, the most subtle outlines, write in micro spaces or on challenging surfaces. Use it on jewelry tags, rough diamonds to be cut, test tubes, or any other application from engineering to art that requires precise details and permanent ink! Best for nonporous surfaces.
  •  ARCHIVAL JAPANESE INK: This pack of 3 Art-n-Fly black fine tip inking pens are archival quality, so the ink will not smudge and your drawing will last forever- forget about fading! These fineliners do not feather or bleed through most papers - for sketching drafting manga writing or Zentangle!
  • QUICK DRYING: Your marks will be dry almost as quickly as you make them! Smear resistant water resistant fade resistant acid free non bleeding ink non toxic low odor ink.
  • SMOOTH SKIP FREE: Experience smooth, skip free writing pens and crisp archival ink that leave consistent lines every time.
  • FOR ARTISTS, ENGINEERS, DIAMOND CUTTERS AND MORE: Great fine tip pens for anyone requiring incredibly fine detail - artists illustrators stippling pens graphic designer technical pens drawing pens.