Giving back to the community Arts and Crafts donation for children


We at Art-n-Fly do our best to give our customers the highest quality arts and crafts supplies which among other things means not selling products that came out with even the smallest cosmetic flaw.

We are looking to donate these art supplies to good causes. First on our list is programs for disadvantaged children but we are open to any worthy program.

When choosing who to give to we have 3 things that are really important to us:

1) The supplies are genuinely needed

2) The supplies will be well used and not just taken because they are offered and collect dust on a shelf or in a drawer somewhere

3) The validity of the program is easily verifiable by 3rd parties

Getting a tax break on our donation would be nice but it ranks last on our list of priorities so even if the program is not an official non profit organization we will still consider it based on the criteria above 

If you know of any program or organization that might be a good fit for us please contact us at and we will gladly look into it.

No promises though because remember, we are a small company and have a very limited amount we can help with.

Thank you!