Dual tip Sketch markers for illustration with blender marker - Art-n-Fly

Classic Tip Sketch Markers 24 Colors with Blender Marker

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Artist grade sketch marker with high quality Japanese nibs and pigment rich ink this is an ideal marker for the serious illustration artist. Perfect markers for illustration, sketching drawing and coloring
  • CUT YOUR PENCIL PROJECT TIME IN HALF: a great shortcut for colored pencil drawings is to start with a base layer of alcohol marker. Your work will POP and look like it took a lot longer than it really did (we won't tell!)
  • BEAUTIFUL COLOR VARIETY: 24 vibrant, pigment rich hues including a colorless blender marker to beautifully lighten, push and fade colors.
  • DUAL TIP: Bullet tip on one side and a broad chisel tip on the other. So you can create beautiful outlines and follow that with bold broad strokes.
  • REPLACEABLE NIBS / REFILLABLE INK: The nibs are removable and replaceable and the markers are refillable.  

Our chisel and bullet nibs are made from molded fibers and the brush nibs are made from two specially joined pieces of felt.