Abstract painting with Art-n-Fly

Did you notice the abstract painting with our Art-n-Fly markers on our Instagram (@artnfly)? 

This blog post will explain how to get an abstract, splatter, special effect with our Art-n-fly alcohol based markers. 

First things first, this can definitely get messy your first time trying this. So we strongly recommend laying a towel or sheet flat-out behind your intended target. 

This all starts with preparing the chisel tipped point of our marker. For this, we recommend pressing the marker on a separate piece of paper to make sure the marker is flowing and fresh. The stronger pigment, the more prepared the marker will be--creating more splashes. 

Hold the marker in the palm of your hand, making sure your fingers are not blocking any pigment from hitting the paper. You are going to want anywhere from 3 inches, up to 2 feet from intended sketchbook or canvas. When ready, begin flicking your wrist--marker in hand, towards the paper/canvas. After seeing the affect from close, you can begin taking more distance. 

Keep in mind, that the further you move back, the more you will rely on slinging your arm and aiming the marker, rather than flicking your wrist. 

The more you build up momentum in succession, the more ink you will see splatter. 

This method is great for abstract pieces and can be awesome for young students/family bonding projects. 





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