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November 29, 2018

Christmas is right around the corner--literally. 

Our versatile art supplies and accessories makes the perfect gift for the artist in your life:

We designed our markers and watercolor sets with rich pigments so their color and inspiration stand the test of time. Additionally, the sleek design on our refillable markers  and watercolor palate make them great for beginners, hobbyists or professionals. 

For those of you who know an artist who loves anime and character sketching; we strongly recommend you get our specialized skin-tone marker set, which we made specifically for flesh tones and blending to show light sources. 

If you are looking for something on the simple but endearing side; you can get our sketchpads or accessories like our holiday themed pencil extenders. 

Lastly (and perhaps most important at this time of year), we intentionally have our price range incredibly affordable to ensure you have the means to stay inspired! 


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