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  Ever feel inspired to paint or draw but unsure about what colors to use?


Many of us have been there--and oftentimes it can be an absolute gut-wrenching feeling. There are factors to consider before applying color to paper; because you want your work to convey it's inspiration behind it. 

Our team at Art-N-Fly want to empower you to create what you are passionate about. For that reason; we are dedicating the next month to unveiling how to use individual colors in what you create. 

Our hope is that this upcoming series of short articles will give you confidence for you as an artist as each piece takes on color and direction. 

This article will focus on the color red:

When choosing to use red; be mindful that this color conveys intense immense emotion and desire. For example, the color red is associated with emotions like:








When you are working on an emotional piece, it important to keep in mind that if what you are trying to convey is one of the aforementioned; do not be afraid to pour it on. It is the linework surrounding the color red that will ultimately convey the shape and scenery your piece is designed for. In these cases, an all red piece is not that daunting--so long as the composition is strong enough to describe the setting you envision. 

Conversely, with an abstract piece, less of red can make it pop all the more. For example, if you are making an abstract pouring as a romantic gesture; a little bit of red throughout a piece that is mostly pink--gets the point across better than mostly red (in this scenario). The softness of the pink background is inviting for the red (conveying desire) layered on top. 

This softer, abstract methodology also works great with colors like whites and light blues--as the stronger red will stand out more in smaller bursts. 

There you have it for the color red. Be sure to stay tuned as we will soon be approaching a few more colors overtime to help empower your creativity. 




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