Letter Doodle Art with Art-n-Fly 25 Dual Tip Brush and Fineliner

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June 19, 2020

I really enjoy creating doodle art with letters because it gives me the freedom of
doing what I want. You can mix the colours, highlight them, give shadows to
them and even make them 3D. The possibilities are endless. It’s also a very
creative and fun way to start learning hand lettering.

Since the Art-n-Fly Dual Tip Brush pens also have fineliners you can easily doodle on the letters that you create. In these letters I’ve created some 3D letters by only going around then letter itself and then gave it a depth through a second line on the left side of the letter.

If you don’t want to create 3D letters you can do a mosaic pattern on the letters
like on letter “C”. You can also create life-inspired letters for example like
the letter “E” with a tiger print on it. On letter “F” I’ve created a strawberry
effect with black seeds on the letter and green leaves on top of it.

The letters don’t have to stay as they are. You can add or remove parts of it, and it will still look like the letter you want but with a little twist of your own creation. Letters “J, K and L” have doodles going around them. You don’t have to make them 3D or give them shadows. Just doodle around it and it will give them their own character.

If you look at the letter “R”, by simply adding little spikes of black
lines I’ve created a cactus effect. You can also create doodles inside of the
letters instead of around them. On the letter “T”, I’ve created leaves
inside of the letter which gives it another dimension.

Another thing you can do is doodle inside the 3D portion of the letters. If you look at the letters “V, W and Y” you’ll see that colouring and doodling inside of the 3D parts of the letters makes them look unique. 

I hope these letters will give you some inspiration and let you create you own doodle art letters.

By @themonsterofstationery

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