Watercolour Effect with Art-n-Fly 15 Set Colored Dual-Tip Calligraphy

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July 22, 2020

Tools used:

Black Fineliner Pens

15 Colored Calligraphy Pens

White gel pens

Watercolour Effect with Art-n-Fly 15 Set Colored Dual-Tip Calligraphy Pens

By @themonsterofstationery

Brush pens aren't just for calligraphy! Water-based ink makes them versatile. With just a little bit of water you can create great effects.

On the first example I chose to do a watercolour background.

For that you need to choose a few colours and watercolour paper. Just colour a few colours on the paper with the colours not touching each other and now you can
play with water.

You can use any kind of watercolour brush. Just go over the
colours with the water until there are no brush marks of the colours. Be careful
not to mix the colours too vigorously and don’t let them touch each other at
first because you’ll get a brown mixed colour instead of a nice range of

After you’ve watered in the colours now carefully mix the colours
where they would naturally meet. Don’t mix all of them together. Just little
movements and clean your watercolour brush as needed.

Let everything dry after mixing all the colours as you desire.

After it’s dried you can used it for everything. You can leave it as it is, or you can doodle or calligraphy on it as I did. I chose to write the word “love” and made small doodles around it, but you can do whatever you desire.

For my second example I chose to do a faux calligraphy with a watercolour
effect. First, I wrote out the word I wanted to colour; in this case I chose to
write “summer” since it sounded good with “love”.

Make you that the fineliners that you use are water-resistant. Otherwise they will smear into the watercolour effect that you’ll be creating. For the watercolour effect you can either use plain colours as I did, or you can mix two or three colours together. For the watercolour effect you need the colour in the letter with the brush pens but not all the way. You can choose to do from top to bottom, bottom to top or you can colour in both top and bottom and create the effect in the middle. On the letter “s” I chose to do both ways top and bottom and then with the help of little bit of water you get the effect of watercolour with a vibrant colour.

On the letter “u” I chose to do from top to bottom and with a little bit of water again you get the watercolour effect but this time the colour is much softer.

With this method you have endless possibilities. With a little time and patience and a little bit of water, you can create your own art.

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