Watercolor with Art-n-Fly...the first few drops.

  When first starting out with watercolors, it can be hard knowing the exact amount of pigment you should be using and blending. Often times, we do not use enough until overloading the pallet and being too discouraged to move forward.

  However, we want to provide you with some useful tips to help you out as you master your passions. 

For starters, stick to only blending 2-3 colors at a time until you fully understand the color wheel and color blends. You can note over-mixing if your pallet begins to darken. You can also layer colors on the painting surface either as a glaze by overlaying washes (wet-on-dry) or adding another color to an already damp surface (wet-into-wet). 


It is important to note that the exact color on the pallet when a pigment is dry--will change in subjective ways when wet and applied to paper. In order to best combat an affect you do not want on the piece, we strongly recommend having a piece a paper ready on hand to try them--before applying. 

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