Blending With Art-n-Fly Colored Pencil and Markers

  We recently posted a video of Matt Truiano (@Matttruiano) applying our Art-n-Fly colored pencils over our markers. 
The most interesting part is that many people do not know you could combine the two mediums!
We wanted to use this blog to share with you some quick notes--using Matt Truiano's video for reference and get you started with your Art-n-Fly supplies.
Keep in mind, one of the benefits of combining these mediums is that you are less inclined to leak through your sketchbooks because you’re using colored pencils. With this key fact in mind, the paper you use isn’t incredibly important. It could be something you want to touch up on scrap paper or a composition notebook.  Thinner paper also isn’t as much of a problem as it would be with heavy marker use. In our video and photos attach, Matt is using professional grade marker paper. 
Our pencils allow you to shade with lighter colors on top of darker colors (because they are oil-based). Being oil based, our pencils naturally create a slight texture (increasing in density the more you apply) enable you to get detailed, fine lines you envision. Our pencils are great for details such as fur on animals, or eyelashes and other details to a person’s face/skin tone. 
The rich color on our pencils gives the image texture you don’t get with any marker. Since the pencil adds oil layers on top of the paper, you get a rougher, more matte finish to the image you create.
With pencil, you can add multiple layers to get the look you want, and it gives real depth to your image.

    Now, to focus on what you create:

    If you have a large open space (such as a bigger paper or background to color, layering pencil over marker can be a great way to cover it. In the video, you can see three sections of color that Matt applies to the reef and bells.  In his case, Matt applied the marker first and added colored pencil on top. This is a great technique get a large area of intense color, like a galaxy themed sky or even the depth of wrinkles on a face. Combining marker and pencil will give you a much deeper color than one or the other by itself. And of course, you can use this technique with any hue, for example the red used in the center. 

    The video shows Matt using marker and pencil together for darker blends. But it actually adds a little punch of color too. You can mix and  match any marker to colored pencils before applying the white gel pen for highlights. 


    We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and look forward to seeing how you apply these mediums together!


    You can get our colored pencils and markers in a bundle set here:


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