Art-n-Fly Alcohol Markers

Alcohol Markers FAQ

January 2021 update: We DO have some duplicates between the sets, but we will be updating the 48 original set within this year. If you're looking for no duplicates, don't get the purple, blue, or earth tone 6-pack sets and choose whether you'd rather have the cool grays or the 48 original (they both contain the 0.5 CG, 2 CG, 6 CG, and 9 CG - until later this year when we'll update the 48 original set).

To see all our marker colors together, check out our hex chart.

Our marker selection may seem to change more often than Aunt Karen's hair color and it's come to our attention that there's a little confusion. We hope this comprehensive guide makes things easier!

So, to break it down for you, here are the independent sets that we currently have as of the writing of this article (which we have every intention to keep up-to-date) with their brief history, and if you own all these sets then you have all of our brush marker colors:

48 Brush Markers (the set that started it all!)

48 Booster Set: our newest set, which contains our most-requested shades as well as the most popular colors from the to-be-discontinued purple, blue and earth tone sets. This DOES contain 166 which is also in the pastel set, but will be removed from the pastels this year.

12 Skin Tones (recently upgraded from the 6-pack)

12 Pastels  (GY166 will be changed to eliminate duplicate with the 48 booster this year)

12 Cool Grays (Formerly a hodgepodge of grays, but now a set worthy of grayscale- contains 4 duplicates with the 48 original, until we change that set this year)

6 Purples (you asked for more purples, and you got 'em)

*Update*: this set is soon to be discontinued and may already be sold out by the time you're reading this, but our 48 Booster Set contains 83, 85, 73 and 145. 

6 Blues (...same with the blues!)

*Update*: this set is soon to be discontinued and may already be sold out by the time you're reading this, but our 48 Booster Set contains 144, 218, 70, and 215.

6 Stone Tones (fills in some warm, earthy gaps)

*Update*: this set is soon to be discontinued and may already be sold out by the time you're reading this, but our48 Booster Set contains WG4, 223, 224, 169 and WG7.

Other sets:

24 Brush Markers (half of the 48-set)

24 Classic Nib Markers (all the same colors as above, with a bullet nib instead of a brush- to be discontinued in 2021)

3 blender markers


Now for some questions we hear all the time about our sets!

Q: Are there any duplicates?

A: Yes! See notes above. Once our to-be-discontinued sets are discontinued, and we've updated the 48 original (*does it need a new name?*) and 166GY in the pastels, the answer will be NO, but we're unfortunately in this awkward transitional marker set puberty at the moment.

Q: Are you going to release more colors?

A: Yes, we're going to release more colors once we work out all the kinks that come with updating sets! Stay tuned. Eventually we will reach over 200 colors.

Q: Where can I buy your markers?

A: We sell direct-to-consumer (retailers often ask to carry our markers but lose interest when they realize how small of a profit they'd make!) so the only places to buy our markers are this website, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and Walmart. We now carry our products on Amazon in Canada, throughout Europe and the UK and in Australia, so if you don't see the markers there yet, just hang tight!

Q: Do you sell refills for all your colors/why are there more refills than colors?

A: We have refills for all our colors here and if there's one you're looking for and don't see, maybe check here. We have colors we've discontinued over the years but we still carry the refills because we love you guys and want you to be happy.

Q: Why don't you make bigger sets instead of making more color packs?

A: We release more colors one set at a time so we think it's better for the people who already have and love our markers to do it this way. It would defeat the purpose of having refills if people had to buy the same markers twice! Will we eventually have bigger sets than the 48-pack? Life is crazy, maybe we will!

Q: Can I buy individual markers?

A: Yes you can! Contact us by email and we'll make you a custom order. They cost $4.99 each (maybe someday we'll be able to do some kind of custom set option, but for now we make exactly the number of markers needed to make each set so every individual marker sold means one less set!).

Q: Do you do samples?

A: Not free samples, but see previous question. (If you're not picky about which color you want, we can probably give you a discount!)

Q: Do I get a free marker set if I read this far?

A: No, and you'd be surprised how often we do get asked "Can I have a free marker set if [my dog ate my art supplies/I tell my mom about your company/I've run out of money because I spent it all on ice cream]". Unfortunately we don't give out freebies for good behavior but we DO have giveaways periodically on social media and our mailing list. Make sure you follow us!