Blending with Art-N-Fly - Art-n-Fly

This blog will aim to help you get the beautiful blend all the professionals use, but seldom giveaway. 

We recommend having your Art-N-Fly blender marker and one colored marker ready in order to do this in real time.

 One of the lesser known tricks about Art-N-Fly markers is their ability to seamlessly blend. For starters, you will need a colorless blender ion hand. Our blenders are manufactured toenable you to push the color/s you want around the paper or canvas  itself.

1) Color Transfer - Using our Art-N-Fly Blender, you can transfer the color you want into the blender by holding the two marker nibs together for a couple of seconds.

2)Once you have the amount of color you want on the tip of the blender, start dragging the blended tip across the paper or canvas. You should see a stroke of the color you used that will go will decrease in pigment the longer your line is.

Please note, the darker the color is, the more pigment will be picked up on the blender.

Not to worry--this will not damage the blender's nib. You can always purify the nib just by pressing the ink out of the nib on some scrap paper or napkin. 


We hope this tutorial was helpful for you as Art-N-Fly  continues Empowering Your Creativity!


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